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Multi 300 - Multi 600 Structuring Machine

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Structuring, brush sanding, denibbing and
polishing machine.
Versatile machine with 300mm or 600mm working width, available with one, two or four heads.
Ideal for flooring, both solid wood and engineered, mouldings, decking, MDF and veneered components etc.
Adaptable interchangeable heads with wire, abrasive nylon, sanding and denibbing brushes. Leather and cotton are also available.


Structured Pine
Multi 300 Wire brush
Structured oak
- Structure wood to enhance the natural   grain.
- Ideal for solid wood and engineered   flooring.
-Quickly change between wire and   sanding brushes.
- Provide a key for paint/sealer and   denib between coats.
- Available with one, two or four heads.
- Available with oscillation on one or all   heads.
- Round off sharp edges;
- Reduce labour costs;
- Polish/buff components;
Structuring brush

Standard Equipment:


Multi 300 with strips
- Motorised height adjustment with   scale.
-Independent height adjustment on   each head.
- 2 independently adjustable rubber   pressure rollers per head.
- Motor 5 HP (4 Kw).
- Extraction outlets Ø120mm.
- Two feed belt speeds 4.5 or 9 m/min.
- Automatic star/delta switch.
Optional Equipment:
Multi 300
- Motor 7.5 HP (5.5 Kw).
- Motor 10 HP (7.5 Kw).
- Inverter for feed belt motor- speed   3-12 m/min.
- Inverter for each sanding head  (180-1000 RPM).
- Oscillation of sanding heads.
- Ammeter for sanding heads.
- Digital display for height.
- Forward and reverse on sanding
- Side sanding heads- Ø150-230mm,   150mm high.
- Automatic feed belt tracking.
- Front and rear extension tables.
- Vacuum table to hold down small parts.
- Custom machine colour.


Multi 300 spec
Video of Multi 300 Structuring Machine
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