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From small kitchen doors to full sized external doors, Unosand’s strips will help bring the best out of them. Even the finest detailed mouldings can be sanded successfully. Whatever the species or finish, we have the ideal combination to suit your individual needs.

Contact us for advice to get the perfect set up for your door production.

For simple 5 piece doors with or without moulding, model P42 A220 with 4+7mm blades and S32L light support brushes will work well. Alternatively, select P32 A220 4+7 without supports for more aggression whenusing rotary equipment.
For best results, use the eccentric disc type machines. These machines are best suited to multi-directional components/grain and especially useful when reaching into deeper sections. For lacquer denibbing use the same abrasive or possibly S320 for a superior finish.
Decrease the rotation speed but maintain the contact pressure.

Door Sanding

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