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Houfek Final 5- Brush Sanding and Denibbing Machine


GRP-Ply-MDF-Solid Wood-Veneer-Paint-Lacquer

Houfek Final 5 Final 5 Discs
Disc Carriage
- One to four sanding stations (any disc roller combination).
- Available in 1350mm, 1100mm or 650mm working width.
- Quick change sanding strips to all sanding units.
- Forward/reverse direction to all sanding units - sand and denib on    one machine.
- Independent electric height adjustment of sanding units.
- Fixed table height.
- Variable feed speed.
- Variable speed disc brush (D).
- Variable speed roller brush (B).
- Adjustable pinch rollers.
- Long life time of consumables.
- Uniform edge break.
- Preparation sand prior to paint/lacquer/foil.
- Save time, labour, materials and money.
Final D Final 5 DB Final 5 DBB Final 5 DDBB
Final 5 B Houfek Final BB Hofek Final 5 BBB Houfek Final 5 BBBB
Standard/Optional Equipment
  Disc (D) Roller (B)
Fixed table height S S
Auto feed belt tracking S S
Viable feed belt speed 3-12 m/min S S
Disc brush (D) oscillation- variable 20-60 rpm S  
Disc brush (D) stroke adjustment manual 20-100mm S  
Disc brushes (D) 250mm dia. 24 sanding strips -70mm long max 100mm high. 650mm Qty= 6x24, 1100mm Qty=9x24, 1350mm Qty= 11x24 S  
Disc brush (D) variable speed 50-300 rpm S  
Disc brush (D) forward/reverse S  
Roller brush (B) max 300mm diameter   S
180mm diameter hub, easy access end cap, 36 sanding strips   S
Sanding strip max. 62mm high 650mm long, 1100mm long, 1350mm long   S
Roller Brush (B) with Oscillation(with switch on/off)   S
Roller brush (B) forward/reverse   S
Roller brush (B) variable speed 50-300rpm   S
Independent height adjustment (electric) S S
Pinch rollers 50mm adjustable S S
Maximum work piece height: 100mm S S
Maximum work piece height: 150mm/250mm O O
Digital height readout S S
Disc brush (D) auto height adjustment of sanding strips S  
Vacuum Table O O
Vacuum pump O O
Side Heads O O
Cleaning device O O
Front/rear table extension O O
Touch screen 10.4" control panel O O
Custom Colour O O
Dimensions: minimum 1280mm(W) x 1950mmm(L) x 1850mm(H) (model 650 D)    
Maximum: 2000mm(W) x 4650mm(L) x 1850mm (H) (model 1350 DDDB)    
S=Standard, O=Optional
Houfek Final 5 1350D Video
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