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Loewer Ecosand 1000-2B & 1000-2DBB

LOEWER - click to website
Economical to Run 1000mm Wide Combined Brush Sanding and Denibbing Machines.
Doors - Windows - Architrave - Mouldings - MDF - Veneer - Solid Wood
Loewer Ecosand

Unique design with counter rotating spiral sanding units with forward and reverse.

Pre-sand prior to paint and lacquer and denib between coats all with the same machine.

Variable spindle speed and variable feed speed for complete control.

Fully adjustable in height up to 100mm with digital display.

Ecosand 1000 2DBB

The 1000mm wide brushes will sand and denib flat and profiled components from house doors down to small drawer fronts and kitchen doors.

The sanding heads are adjustable (0-10°) for more edge breaking.

The Loewer EcoSand is ideal for medium sized production with an adjustable feed speed of 2-10 meters per minute.

Dust is extracted through the two 120mm extraction outlets per sanding unit.

Loewer Ecosand
Ecosand 1000 2DBB

The EcoSand is available in two models, the 1000-2B is a single unit machine with 2 rollers.
The 1000-2DBB is a more versatile twin unit machine with independently adjustable disc station and 2 rollers.

The EcoSand uses the Unosand Strip System for quick change of abrasives. These are made in the UK with fast delivery and competitive prices.

Contact us for a demonstration of this machine at your workplace with your components!

Ecosand 2DBB Ecosand Plan
Ecosand 1000 2DBB Ecosand 1000 2B

EcoSand 1000-2B

Ecosand 2B spec
EcoSand 1000-2DBB
Ecosand 2DBB Spec
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