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Sanding Machines  

Unosand Moulding Sander


Five Head linear brush sander for sanding on three sides

Moulding Sander from Unosand

The Unosand moulding sander is Ideal for sanding and denibbing architrave, skirting and flooring products for medium to large scale production.
A heavy duty steel frame supports five variable speed motors for sanding mouldings and other linear products on three sides. The variable speed rollers feed the product past two counter rotating brushes from top and two side brushes together with one
angle adjustable supplementary head.

Unosand Moulding Sander – Practical sanding, value for money.

  • Sanding and denibbing linear products
  • Sanding mouldings, skirting, architrave, flooring.
  • Sanding on three or four sides.
  • Sand MDF, hardwoods and softwoods.
  • Paint, sealer and lacquer sanding


Moulding Sander – Specification





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