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Brush sanding is ideal for moldings both simple and intricate. Whatever your moulding, we have a combination of brushes and technique to suit.

Contact us and we will be happy to advise you how to get the best finish on mouldings.


Use counter rotating sanding rollers for solid mouldings with P42H 3+4+7mm blades.
For deeper mouldings use model P52H or longer with A180 or A220 grit size.
Veneered MDF mouldings are usually less intricate and so larger blades such as model P42H A220 7+20mm can be used.
For raw MDF direct from the moulder, use model P42H A220 with high pressure and a high spindle speed of around 600 RPM.
For faster feed lines (20m/min+) use one pair of counter rotating heads per 10m/min of feed speed. A machine such as the Loewer LZCC is recommended for high speed applications.


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