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New:Aluminium Hubs

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Aluminium Hubs

180 diameter hubs for Unosanding Strip

Exploded aluminium hub

Unosand aluminium hubs are a strong, durable and economical way to convert all kinds of machines to the Unosanding strips. The hubs can be supplied with two regular end caps or one regular and one access end cap.

The access end cap is an option to allow for easy changing of sanding strips within the confines of a machine.
Unosand Strip Unosanding strip
Hub Dimensions Aluminium Hub
Aluminium Hub Price Calculator

For Unosanding Strips

Hub 180 diameter
Regular end cap 180 Dia
Access end cap 180 Dia
Bore Diameter

Shipping: Sub Total:
Region Carriage:
Weight Kg: VAT:
Please specify bore dimension. Copyright 2009 Unosand UK Ltd.

Aluminium Hub Access End Cap Plain End Cap

180 Dia Hub
36 keyways

Access End Cap Regular End Cap

Two end caps are required per hub. If ordering an access end cap, a regular end cap will also be needed.

Hub Open

15 Oct 2009


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