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Paint and Lacquer Denibbing


Correct preparation is essential to achieve an excellent finish with paint and lacquer. Brush sanding between coats of paint or lacquer will help you to achieve a flawless finish by flattening and providing a key for the next coat.

Contact us for advice on how to get the best result from denibbing.

For rotary machinery use model P42 or P52 with small blades of 3+4+7mm.
On hard lacquer use S180 grit while on soft lacquer, use S320 grit.
Generally it is best to use low spindle speeds and high pressure.
On hard lacquer support brushes can be used if necessary.
For intricate painted fascias, reduce the pressure.
Consider model P67 for products with deeper mouldings, the Loewer DiscMaster
is very useful here.

Paint and Lacquer Denibbing

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