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Stack Sanding / De-nibbing


Stack sanding allows multiple components to be edge sanded in one operation. This is much more efficient and dramatically increases productivity. It also allows the internal sharp edges to be kept intact.

Contact us for advice on how to get the most from stack sanding.

For all products, always pre-sand in the raw prior to application of paint or lacquer usually with grit size A220 with narrow blades 3+4+7mm.

Create mirror imaged stacks of components where sharp edges require protecting.
Use high pressure with low spindle speed. Model P42 or P52 S320 3+4+7mm will work very well when de-nibbing paint as shown below.

For reaching into deeper areas, additional support brushes are recommended. Alternatively, use models P42H or P52H maintaining the pressure but with low spindle speed.

Stack Sanding / De-nibbing

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