Save time, money and resources with the Unosand range of machines.

Multi 140 Link

Multi 140

The Unosand Multi 140 machine is compact, efficient and extremely versatile.

Working face is 140mm...

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Multi 280 Link

Multi 280

The Unosand Multi 280 machine is compact, efficient and extremely versatile.

Working face is 280mm...

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Multi 400 Link

Multi 400

The Unosand Multi 400 is a brush sander for off-hand piecework sanding, denibbing and deburring.

Working face is 400mm...

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Moulding Sander Link

Moulding Sander

The Unosand Moulding Sander is ideal for sanding and denibbing architrave, skirting and flooring products for medium to large scale production...

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Multi 300/600 Link

Multi SL-300

Combined wire and abrasive brush sanding twin head machine. Versatile machine with 300mm width...

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Multi 300/600 Link

Multi 300/600

Combined wire brushing and abrasive brush sanding machine. Versatile machine with 300mm or 600mm working width...

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The first Loewer sanding machine was created in 1960 and to date over 18,000 Loewer machines have been delivered worldwide.

DiskMaster Link


The DiscMaster 3DBB is ideal for: Removing fibres and smoothing wood, MDF and veneered work pieces. Sanding out milling marks...

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Ecosand Link


The EcoSand 1000-2B and EcoSand 1000-2DBB : Unique design with counter rotating spiral sanding units with forward and reverse...

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Loewer DiskMaster Compact Link

DiscMaster Compact

The DiscMaster Compact is the genuine alternative for smaller and medium-sized operations and offers first-class sanding results at an affordable price...

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MultiMaster Link


With brush sanding, straightforward sanding rollers rarely deliver the best possible sanding results. Loewer, therefore, has come up with a range of new sanding units in a modular machine system...

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Topspin Link

Topspin K & KK

The Loewer TopSpin models bridge the gap between purely manual work and throughfeed machines. The workpieces are guided manually past units equipped with sanding strips...

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Leistomat Link


Need to switch from one profile to another in seconds? Or to adjust to new formats quickly due to your “frame-oriented” method of processing? Not a problem with the LeistoMat...

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Houfek machines are researched, developed and produced in the Czech Republic.

Houfek FINAL Overview


The Houfek Final is a highly efficient brush sanding machine for the final adjustment of surfaces. . .

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